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Month: November 2003

Media news

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It looks as though the media and the government went with thier own desires rather than with the truth. . .so what’s new? Pray for Christians around the world.

The characterization of the Riyadh’s attacks took off without accurate data. Both the BBC and CNN ignored the victims: their names, their socio-economic realities and the history of the Jihadists in this regard.

First the statistics: According to Diaspora-based Lebanese sources, among the injured from the attacks about 90 victims were Lebanese. Five Lebanese nationals were burned to death, including two children, Jad and Raya Mezher. A newly married woman, Nina Joubran, was also massacred. A pregnant woman, Houry Haytaya, and her husband, Dany Ibrahim, were also killed. Another family, the Haidars, were murdered, as well. The fact is certified: The massacre of the Muhayya compound was directed at the Lebanese Christian community living in Saudi Arabia.

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A good movie

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Just watched. . .

a good movie.

I just watched the odd but good “A Mighty Wind.” Those of you into Folk music will definitely recognize the references. . .any of you with a smattering of yiddish and a love of folk will laugh hysterically.

While I’m talking about movies I want to plug “About Schmidt” as well… this had one of the most interesting endings I’ve seen in awhile. The more I think about it the more I like it.



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