Armagh+ speaks

He [Eames] challenged the conviction still prevalent in parts of the west that scientific progress in Europe and the Americas meant evangelism and civilization were inter-related. Too often the western Church seemed to believe that the former third world would always accept western liberalism as the only alternative to the collapse of communism. The expansion of western ideologies has ended and the revolt against the west has begun. Opposition to the secular values of the west was a potent influence – but only one – on current attitudes within Anglicanism. Modernity in the north and west still seemed to believe that modernization brings such benefits that the Global South will eventually want to embrace it. The explosion of numbers and influence of Christians in the southern hemisphere compels the Anglican Communion to challenge many traditional concepts.

A new dynamic theology for the twenty-first century is emerging in Africa, Latin America and Asia to challenge and find independence from the Enlightenment.

[Listening to: When I’m Gone – 3 Doors Down – Away from the Sun (4:20)]