Telegraph %7C News %7C Carey tour adds to US fears of gay schism: “Carey tour adds to US fears of gay schism%0D%0ABy Jonathan Petre%2C Religion Correspondent%0D%0A%28Filed%3A 23%2F08%2F2004%29 %0D%0A%0D%0ALord Carey%2C the former Archbishop of Canterbury%2C will provoke a fresh storm over homosexuality in the Church next month by blessing hundreds of American traditionalists who are boycotting their own pro-gay bishop.%0D%0AThis high-profile intervention by Lord Carey will highlight the growing polarisation in the worldwide Anglican community over the issue and will be criticised as %22back-seat driving%22 by supporters of his successor at Canterbury%2C Dr Rowan Williams.%0D%0A %0D%0ALord Carey will bless the traditionalists %0D%0AIt will also raise the temperature of the debate weeks before the publication of the final report by the Lambeth Commission%2C the body set up last year by Dr Williams to try to avert schism.%0D%0ADr Carey is to confirm several hundred adults and children from 11 conservative parishes in Virginia which have rejected the ministry of their diocesan bishop%2C the Rt Rev Peter Lee%2C because of his support for the Rt Rev Gene Robinson%2C Anglicanism%27s first active homosexual bishop.”