A bit of commentary

Another former Anglican, writer and historian John Muggeridge, wrote that in the end, the fight in the Anglican Church will be over real estate. However the argument may shortly become moot with the rapidly dropping numbers of adherents to the Anglican Church in North America and England. The ‘conservatives’ may win the argument – and the church properties – by attrition. There are more Anglicans today in Nigeria alone, than in Britain, Canada, and the U.S. together.

David Warren, who converted to Catholicism in 2003, summed up the Christian position on the demands made by homosexual activists within the Christian fold: “We may forgive those who lapse into sin; and Christ is in the business of forgiving sinners. We cannot, however, change the definition of sin… The question before all Anglicans today, and those in many other mainstream Protestant confessions, is what will be sacrificed. Our errant sexuality to God, or our Church to the zeitgeist?”

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