“A Resurrection or a Crucifixion?”

LONG BEACH — As the clouds of controversy whirl about him, the Rev. William Thompson maintains the calm of a man seemingly unaffected by the furor his actions have caused.
That calm, however, can be misinterpreted. Rather than serenity, Thompson says he has been going through alternating feelings of grief and relief. Grief at having to turn his back on the only church he has ever known. A church he says has nurtured him for a lifetime. Relief that by leaving the Episcopal Church with his congregation, he can now practice and fulfill his vows in the way he believes God intended.

Putting it a little more bluntly, Scott Strong, a parishioner at All Saints, says he posed this question to the priest.

“I asked him ‘Is this a resurrection or a crucifixion?” He didn’t answer, but I believe it’s a little of both,” Strong says, his voice beginning to halt with emotion. “He realizes this will hurt and upset people in the short run, but in the long run the focus will be where it’s needed, and that’s on Christ and the Scriptures.”

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