Bill Atwood offers some Reflections

Kongo Crucifix

posted by Kendall at Titusonenine

For the first time in history, there is a gathering for all the Anglican Bishops in Africa. It is an amazing event. Such a gathering would not be possible in ECUSA. Not because there is a shortage of bishops in the West, but because there is not theological agreement with the church of history or with each other. It is remarkable, with all of the richness of the various perspectives of the various provinces in Africa, it is clear that the same faith is shared. It is also abundantly clear that this is NOT the faith of ECUSA. Every liturgy has exalted Jesus Christ as redeemer and Lord. Every speaker has referred to the Gospel of forgiveness and redemption. Every report has turned attention to Jesus Christ as Lord. It is not just that there is disagreement with the agenda of ECUSA. It is obvious that ECUSA is living in a different spiritual universe. The great gulf that exists does not have to be the focus of all the conversations. It becomes obvious as the vital presentations focus on perspectives that would simply not be found in most of ECUSA. Here at this conference it is clear that the Bible is true and Jesus Christ is Lord of all.