I was bored yesterday and happened to be searching the web looking for pop-culture reflections on potted meat. Why? Well, because I was nostalgic–I’m one of those odd southern folk who was raised with the occasional potted meat sandwich or potted meat and saltine cracker snack. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Actually, for all that people ridicule it, if potted meat were made by the French, it would be a delicacy–I mean, come on… is pate any better? At any rate, during my web-travels I ran across this collectable tin from England–like I said, high class.

I also came upon some pretty funny sites, which you should all look at, at least once in your life.

The Potted Meat Museum

The Potted Meat Food Product tribute page

and just for the heck of it…
the OFFICIAL Potted meat food product homepage by Armour Star.

Official Potted Meat page

Ok, so I go from the sublime to the ridiculous