titusonenine: “Americans are noted for broad humour, or slapstick. Yesterday I picked up an online news report from New Jersey titled “Is Marriage Old Fashioned?” The reporter asked four local religious figures whether they thought cohabitation equally acceptable to marriage. Father Lou Scurti, a Roman Catholic priest, said No, it was not. An Evangelical Reverend with the wonderful name Yeathus Johnson, reminded the interviewer of the biblical injunction to “honor the marriage bed.” Mr. Mohammed El-Filali stated: “From a Muslim perspective cohabitation is not permissible at all.” Riding to the rescue of the cohabiters was the Rev. Ronnie Stout-Kopp, of Christ Church (Episcopal): “I think, from the perspective of a modern female priest … there isn’t a problem with people cohabiting or ‘trying it on for size,’ so to speak.” My wife said to me: “This is a joke, isn’t it?” No, it isn’t. It’s the Episcopal Church that is a joke.”