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Interesting comments from A Worker in the Vineyard

“Tomorrow, Texas voters will go to the polls to approve (or oppose) a constitutional amendment to the Texas Constitution which will clearly define marriage as “between a man and a woman.” And I don’t care. And I won’t be there to vote.

The reason is simple: when my wife and I went to the county offices to get a marriage license, it was to ratify that we intended to merge our assets and debts and, for tax purposes, to combine our incomes. So the state says, alright then, in our eyes you’re married, just make sure the bishop sends in the certificate. And so that was that. We defined our sacramental relationship along financial lines as well, and had the state ratify our financial union. Because the distinction is not often drawn, we clergy deal with countless droves of people who think that if they dissolve this relationship before a judge acting with the authority of the state, then the relationship is dissolved before God himself. Wrong.”

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