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I’ve been talking with a future member of my family about soteriology, or the study of our Salvation in Christ, so I thought I would write this post to give a basic summary of my thoughts regarding the centrality of Christ in our salvation. Here’s my first attempt:

Through the incarnation of Christ in human form, the Word come down to tabernacle among us, in doing so the image of God in humanity was renewed through the action of very Word through which creation was originally constituted. This renewal of creation is perhaps related to what Wesley referred to as prevenient grace, that is, this general grace offers the opportunity to escape from bondage to sin to all humanity yet this requires the still further grace of faith, which is not a work finding its origin in the human heart, but rather in the work of God within our hearts to which we are called respond and nurture.

This faith is faith in the one name by which we may be saved, Jesus Christ our Lord. But how does Christ restore us, individually, to relationship with God? It is helpful here to consider the outlook of both Paul and Hebrew’s. . .{more to come}

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