D 4

The first day of the Mere Anglicanism conference has been very fun. Part of this may be because of the good company I’ve been keeping (Shout out to my peeps)–and I’m sure it will only get better. Os Guinness’ lecture was terrific, and really laid the ground work for some great lectures dealing with the particular problems facing Christians in our world–no sand-bagging here.

I’ll post more detail about the conference later on, but I also want to mention that I got two great books:

“The Principles of Theology: An Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles” (W. H. Griffith Thomas)


“The Cruelty of Heresy: An Affirmation of Christian Orthodoxy” (C. Fitzsimons Allison)
{by the way, I may have gotten a defective copy of this book, or the printing may be bad, as it skips from page 96 to 129–I’ll find out tomorrow}

More from Charles’-town tomorrow.

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