Books Well, I’ve done it. I’ve finished seminary… and it still doesn’t seem real. I turned in my honors thesis on Friday, and while I may still need to make a few edits to it before it goes to the Library to be bound, my class work is done and I’m waiting on graduation next Friday. Its amazing how fast three years of one’s life can go by, and how many things can happen during that time. Here’s a short list of some things that have happened to me during my time at Sewanee:

I entered Sewanee as a 22 year-old college grad directly from UNC-Asheville, while here:

My nephew Isaac was born

I switched from the MA program to the MDiv program

I went through the discernment process in the Diocese of Tennessee

I took a lot of interesting classes and had some great discussions

I wrote a few decent papers

I made some life-long friends

I MET MY FUTURE WIFE <——- that one’s important

I went to several conferences that were interesting

I helped lead a diocesan youth mission trip

I bought my first house (with some help, thank goodness)

All-in-all I’d say it’s been a great three years.