The New Pantagruel has an interesting article on theocracy that includes this funny but true nuget:

When a dear friend described this malady to me, my initial reaction was
perhaps more sarcastic than it should have been: if George W. Bush is
the harbinger of a theocracy, then the American Christian bench isn’t
as deep as we sometimes like to think it is. Whatever his merits as
president, everything that the current occupant of the Oval Office has
said publicly about his faith suggests that it gives him comfort and
strength rather than the kind of paint-by-numbers direction his
detractors would prefer to be scandalized by. On the evidence
available, one may speculate that the unremarkable religious pedigree
bequeathed to George W. from his father was revivified some years ago
by a recovering alcoholic’s confidence in a Higher Power. One may also
suppose that the evangelical Protestant theology of his loving wife
helped the president recognize Jesus as that higher power. The point of
these speculations is that nothing in the character of this president’s
faith implies the kind of fondness for ecclesiastical authority that
ought to mark a proper harbinger of theocracy.

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