I remember a conversation I had with one of my mentors about the visit Stanley Hauerwas paid to my seminary several years ago. During conversation someone asked Dr. Hauerwas what he would do if he were put in charge of a seminary. His response was classic Stan-the-man: “Fire all the bible professors” he said, “why?” someone asked “Because they’re all liberal protestants or reform Jews and don’t believe in the Bible anyway…how could they teach it to anyone?” The relation of that story made me think about my own memorable meeting with Dr. Hauerwas while I was in college. During our conversation a new commentary series was mentioned by Dr. Hauerwas, one that he was very excited about because it was a series of commentaries to be written by theologians rather than strict biblical scholars. He mentioned R.R. Reno as being involved, and that he would be writing the commentary on Matthew. Now I find that the series is out, three volumes having been published by Brazos in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible. Hauerwas has indeed written his commentary on Matthew, and excitingly, the late Jaroslav Pelikan wrote the commentary on Acts.

All one has to do to guess the quality of this work is to take a gander at their list of editors and scheduled contributers.

Can you take a guess at some recent additions to my shelves?

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