I started “blogging” when I was in college. At that time, I already had a web page (at this address, www.adamantius.net, though that incarnation is long gone) that I’d maintained since my sophomore year of High School, so I thought I would simply add a blog to my site. I wasn’t familiar with the blog software available, so I just signed up for Livejournal and played with that, trying to incorporate it into my site. Eventually I discovered blogger, and had more success with that. After I met Anna she convinced me to try Typepad. While I’ve really enjoyed all the functions and extras available from Typepad, I was unable to incorporate it into my own site. As a result, I was splitting my content up between Adamantius.net and my new Typepad blog at ecclesiaanglicana.net. As I maintained this site, the hope grew that it would become a resource for people interested in the same things I am, i.e. history, theology etc… Since my blog gets far more visits than the rest of my page, I felt like it would still be the best of both worlds if I could maintain my blog and the rest of my site at the same place.

So finally, I decided to undertake the task not just of moving my blog, but moving my whole site–almost ten years worth of accumulated web site stuff–to a host that could support one of the more flexible and powerful blog clients such as WordPress or Movable Type. So, I’ve moved my site to Yahoo Small business hosting and have moved my blog here as the first page.

I want to apologize to all those folks who have continued to link to my blog and followed it around during it’s moves, and I want to assure you that it will not be moving again for a long time.


Pocahontas from the album “Black Star – EP” by Gillian Welch