An interesting post from “Sigmund, Carl, Fred” about the different approaches exhibited by Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI in their dealings with tyranny and oppression.  Here’s what the man says:

It is interesting to note that in fact, Pope Benedict is ahead of
the curve on this one. Taking a lesson from his predecessor, John Paul
II, he is fighting tyranny and oppression on a different front. Whereas
the gentle man from Krakow fought the secularists with the ferocity of
a lion, this pontiff is fighting on a different front. Benedict is
confronting the evil of irrational faith by insisting that faith is not
borne of irrationality, but rather, by rational and reasoned thought.

Polish Pope that saw and lived through evil from the side of the
victim, was to enable his successor, the German Pope that saw and lived
through evil from the side of the perpetrator. Together and in concert,
these two men, so close, were to come to understand the real and all
encompassing nature of evil. Each in their own way- and because of each
other- were uniquely equipped to address and fight the forces that
oppress so many that are created in His image.

One Pope fought tyranny by with words of morality. Another Pope fights tyranny with words of reason.

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