FirefoxI just wanted to take a second and put in a good word for the Firefox browser. I switched to it over a year ago and I love it. The only problem I have with it is that when I work on my website using it (or Safari, which I sometimes use on my ibook), I can’t see the weird things Internet Explorer is going to do to it until I’m surprised by the way my site appears on someone else’s computer. I’ve spent part of my morning trying to get my page to display correctly in IE 6 and I’m still not sure how successful I’ve been–it still looks different on different computers running IE (I have downloaded the beta of IE 7, so I don’t have a version of IE 6 on my computer anymore). All this is to say you should stop fooling around with a non-standards compliant browser and come over to the light side by switching to (or using in tandem) Firefox.
Firefox – Rediscover the Web