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I ran across this post earlier tonight. Anglicans have a lot of problems, but this should bring us up short…

He focuses on the Anglican Church, which is hardly fair. Most of the big Protestant denominations are intellectually rotten, but the Anglicans are probably the most thoroughly so.

The sad thing is, Mr. Bateman–and Mark Styne whom he is writing about–have a rather blatant example of some of the wackiness that characterizes Anglican “theology” (I certainly hesitate to apply that term to it) today. The following is from the Niagra Anglican, April 2006–not only that, but it is a reprint from the January 2006 newsletter of the Diocese of Mantreal. Be forewarned, it lives up to the term “potty theology.”

Next to having sex, a good bowel movement rates pretty high on most people’s scale of things that satisfy. In fact, as you grow older, a good poop can be as rewarding as a good romp under the covers. You know the relief that comes after having been frustrated for so many days to finally stand proudly before your accomplishment floating in the toilet bowl and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

If you have the interest and the stomach for it, you can read Mr. Bateman’s entire post–he cites some more of the article, which is now making news again (I must have missed it when it first came out). The conclusion Mr. Bateman draws is a good one though… we do need to reclaim a broader–and orthodox–theological discourse, or risk the total implosion of our society. I don’t think I can put it any better than he did:

Without theology, you are defenseless when Canon Smart shoves his smelly finger under your nose and dares you to claim that your religion is better than his.

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