Bishop Bauerschmidt's response to the House of Bishop's meeting

Diocese of Tennessee shieldBishop Bauerschmidt’s response to the House of Bishop’s meeting in New Orleans has now been posted as a PDF on the Diocesan website. You can access it all here.

Here’s a selection:

The House of Bishops has now given its response, one that went much further than I thought possible for the House to provide the clarifications requested by the Primates’ Meeting. The clarifications concern the requested assurances on the blessing of same-sex unions and on the consecration to the episcopate of persons living in a partnered same-sex union sought by the 2004 Windsor Report. The issue before the Episcopal Church is to provide the assurances requested by the Report that will allow the common life of the Anglican Communion to continue. I believe that the principal question is no longer just whether the Episcopal Church desires to continue to walk with the Communion, but whether the Communion itself has the will to continue together. There is much here at stake that goes beyond the Episcopal Church.

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  • Jody+

    I will say that I believe the Bishop is right when he says that the statement goes further than the response in March would have indicated possible. At the same time though, this is a consensus statement, voted on by acclamation. How many Bishops will feel compelled by it, and how many differing interpretations might it have? Of course, since our crisis is one of trust, there’s no way that it could be resurrected by a single statement. Like I told someone the other day “at least we don’t have an excuse not to pray.”

  • Tregonsee

    If I didn’t know better, I would think that an entire paragraph was missing after the second sentence. It should discuss the issues which were not addressed. As it stands, this statement is almost incoherent.

  • Jody+


    Just curious, are you referring to the second sentence of the entire statement or the second sentence of the selection posted above?

  • Jody+

    The following was a summary of my take on Bishop Bauerschmidt’s letter that I wrote to someone else who was discussing it with me. I post it here for the benefit of whoever reads this:

    I think what Bishop John was saying in his letter was simply this: “we got farther than I thought we would” (he wasn’t very impressed after the March HOB meeting judging by his letter), but I believe he’s emphasizing the communion conservative idea that regardless of whether we think the statement was enough or not, it is the primates and the other instruments of communion that will decide where we stand, not all of us with our individual opinions. When he says his commitments are unchanged I think he’s referring to his commitment to the Diocese of Tennessee and the Anglican Communion (as well as doing what he can to ensure the Episcopal Church remains a part of it).

    I also think he’s right to point out that the question is beyond what the Episcopal church will decide now. Instead it’s a matter of whether or not the Communion will hold together, and if so what it will look like (constituent/associate members etc…). Anyway, that’s my take.

  • gavin

    as always, i am watching from afar to see how this all pans out. us umc’ers are not far behind the same conversations/confusions