Several days ago I linked to a sermon by the the Rev. Fleming Rutledge. Well, the guys over at the Boars Head Tavern have directed my attention to another great one that is available at Asbury Seminary’s online chapel page. I don’t think I could give it any better introduction than Richard already did at the Tavern:

I heard the Gospel today. I heard it preached powerfully and, as always, it did me a lot of good. This sermon in particular I would rank as one of the best I’ve ever heard. Certainly in the top 10%. The preacher made no attempt to entertain the hearers. There were no jokes and no gimmicks of any sort. The sermon was a faithful exposition of John 9 – The healing of a blind man at the pool of Siloam. It was about 30 minutes of lifting up the Lord Jesus, fulfilling the preacher’s opening prayer “Lord Jesus, uphold me that I may uplift thee. Amen”.

Just scroll down the page to February 26th and have a listen. There are both Hi and low resolution versions.

{listen to it}