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GetReligion on the mainstream media reaction to the Palin choice.

Judging from my inbox, there are more than a few readers who are disappointed with the mainstream media coverage of Gov. Sarah Palin. You are not alone. Conservative writer Bill Kristol has some theories about why the mainstream media are behaving the way they are. But while most of the hostile mainstream media reaction is dealing with purely political angles, there are also some religion angles that are being handled poorly.

When reporters attack » GetReligion.

  • Hotspur

    Let me address this as a recently retired “mainstream” print journalist…

    Take a good close look at the sports, politics and religion sections of your local mid-major newspaper.

    Read the articles…then look around the page(s)and see who the advertisers are.

    There’s your answer: Follow the money…

    TV does it too. There’s no conspiracy if it’s done out in the open.

    Most working journalists tend to be mildly progressive at best…apolitical at worst. We’re too concerned with deadline pressure to look outside our computer screens and see the world go by. It’s called the jounalism culture. It’s very, very inward looking by nature. Professional writers tend to be like that anyway.

    When I was in charge of putting together a religion calendar of a major rag a few years back (don’t think too hard!) 😉 I would occasionally try to slip in events related to the Episcopal Church, Sewanee and the local Jewish community. Got nailed every time by my editor…

    “They’re not paying the bills! Find something related to ‘so-and-so mega-huge Baptist Church’ and ask their pastor again if he wants to write an op-ed piece.”

    Just for the record: I’m a McCain guy myself :)