I’m a nerd. I readily admit it. I have nerd pride. Part of having true nerd pride is being able to laugh at being a nerd. Tonight, as Anna and I watched the latest episode of “The Office” on Hulu, I saw a fantastic example of what can only be called “nerd torture.” You see, there’s been an ethics seminar at Dunder Mifflin; one of the issues that arose during the seminar was something called “time theft,” which is the idea that employees who spend a little too much time at the water fountain etc… are actually “stealing time” from their companies.

Well, true to his character, Dwight was the most intent on attacking anyone who was doing “personal” things on company time, so John decides to time exactly how much personal time Dwight takes during a given day. Hilarity ensues, including the section where John tortures Dwight–an alpha nerd–in an attempt to get him to break and misuse his time. You can see how all the misinformation, errors and intentional twisting of various fantastic worlds really gets at Dwight. That’s hard core nerd torture. Enjoy (click below to see the clip)