The following is a repost of a Christmas prayer I found several years ago (Dec. 2004).  Enjoy:

I found this awesome Christmas collect to include in my Christmas cards. Check it out (its from the little book I found this summer called “Ancient Collects.”):

Blessed be the Lord God, Who cometh in the Name of the Lord, and hath dawned upon us; Whose Coming hath redeemed us, Whose Nativity hath enlightened us; Who by His Coming hath sought out the lost, and illuminated those who sat in darkness.  Grant, therefore, O Father Almighty, that we celebrating with pious devotion the day of His Nativity, may find the day of judgment a day of mercy; that as we have known his benignity as our Redeemer, we may feel His gentle tenderness as our Judge.

goodness. . ..

Someone Else’s SongWilcoBeing There (Disc 2)3:21