Thoughts from General Convention

One of my friends, Dr. Christopher Wells, was recently interviewed reguarding his views of the latest resolutions passed by General Convention. I believe he rightly states the predicament that those of us in Communion Partner dioceses find ourselves in. We are in a much better situation than many of our brothers and sisters who are Communion Partner rectors in non-communion partner dioceses, but we are still in the uncomfortable position of being a distinct minority within the scope of the Episcopal Church. My belief is that our position will only become more uncomfortable as time wears on, and that we may be called upon to make some significant choices in the not too distant future.

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  • Hotspur

    Just a general piece of advice before anyone takes the leap out of ECUSA…

    I spent a small part of my childhood on the old Inter-German border between the FRG and the DDR. My father was US Army Special Forces at the time and his job was to hold off any attacks from the DDR side while the “Langley” guys inside the listening post a couple of hundred metres back attempted to destroy all the codes and what-not that we didn’t want the Russians to find during an invasion of Western Europe.

    (To this day…I have a barren patch of ground next to a backyard fence I have dubbed “the death strip”…try explaining that to your six year old)

    You care to guess how many DDR defectors I ran into back then who secretly wished they could have gone back and fought the regime from within?

    Yeah…I kinda feel like that sometimes…like a part of my old fight wasn’t finished before I went over the wall…

    For all you conservatives out there: take a good look in the mirror and ask yourselves where your place will be in the coming future.

    What would you rather be doing: raising money for the new pipe organ? Or carrying on the good fight for something you believe in?

    The choice is yours. And remember…the easy way is not always the best way. Someone has to keep the Rite 3 folks in check 😉

  • Jody+


    Thanks for the comments. You’re right, of course, that one often believes the grass is greener only to find that it is not–it may just have different weeds. This is one reason I believe that decisions like this are better to be made not as individuals or even as parishes, but ideally as dioceses (since that is in keeping, I believe, with our ecclesiology) and in concert with the wider communion. Most of the groups that departed earlier did so as congregations, and many of them began within the borders of dioceses that are or were more conservative. Since then, those dioceses that have departed have done so without working with the wider communion; they’ve worked with factions in the wider communion, but that only foments more factionalism.

    One of the issues I have with the tactics of many of those conservatives who have already gone is that their actions exhibit what I believe to be the same errors as the liberal fringe in a different way–they’re two sides of a coin and hate one another for it.

    I’m getting ready to post a video interview with Bishop Lawrence of South Carolina… he makes some of the same points. Primarily, and most forcefully in my mind, he makes the point that “there is nowhere we can go to get away from this.” What he means is that these conflicts are cultural and the extent that one ‘gets away’ from the debate over human sexuality is the same extent one is closing oneself off from culture–not a good or faithful thing to do if you believe you have good news to share with people.