I just discovered something interesting as I was looking for an old letter of my great grand-father’s.  It seems that one of his brothers (a half-brother actually) lived in Nashville in the early 1900’s.  He wrote the following letter to my great grandfather, William Massey:

420 South Front St. Nashville Tenn

Aug 20, 1901

Mr. Bill Massey

Dear Brother

Your letter received and as usual was glad to hear from you.  I am well as common.  Bill, I will send them saddles to Marshall this week.  I will ship them Friday and if you are at Marshall Saturday go to the freight depot and see if they are come.  They all three will be in one box with your name on it and the box will be marked saddles.  I will pay the freight on them here so it will not cost you any thing to get them.  The price will be on each saddle.  I send one for $[illegible due to smudging]-one for $5.50 and one for $[illegible due to smudging].  You said not send any for more than $6.00 but I could not make the $6.50 for any less.  Watch the depot everyday till they come and let me know when you get them.  If you sell them all right, and want more let me know and I will send them.

Will close for this time.

Write soon,

Your Brother,

Dave Redman

Unfortunately there is no longer a South Front St. in Nashville.  I’ll have to see if I can find any old maps at the library.  If anybody has any info, I’d appreciate it.