For those who are interested, here are some interesting things I’ve been reading over the past few days:

  • Image Magazine: Episcopentecostalianism, Bradford Winters laments the fact that there aren’t more places where one can find this combination.  “I will say that I’ve seen enough evidence of each to determine that the Holy Spirit is often needed as much to temper the ‘raving saved’ as to excite the ‘frozen chosen.'”
  • The Internet Monk deals with the question of why many evangelicals seem ill-equipped when it comes to the pastoral care of the dying: Chaplain Mike Mercer: Evangelicals And The Pastoral Care of the Dying: The IM Interview.
  • The New York Times has an interesting story about the fall of communism in the Czechoslovakia: Velvet Revolution’s Roots Remain a Fog 20 Years Later.
  • Peter Liethart reminds folks that Constantine may not have been so bad after all.
  • This American Christianity–“Bait and Switch” from the Mockingbird blog.