I thought I might have use for this observation in my sermon, but it didn’t really fit.  Be that as it may, I wanted to share this remark of Martin Buber’s:

“Premessianically our destinies are divided. Now to the Christian, the Jew is the incomprehensibly obdurate man, who declines to see what has happened; and to the Jew, the Christian is the incomprehensibly daring man, who affirms in an unredeemed world that redemption has been accomplished. This is a gulf that no human power can bridge. But it does not prevent the common watch for a unity to come to us from God, which, soaring above all of your imagination and all of ours, affirms and denies, denies and affirms what you hold and what we hold, and that replaces all the creedal truths of earth by the ontological truth of heaven, which is one.” (Martin Buber, “Two Foci of the Jewish Soul” The Martin Buber reader: essential writings, p. 113)