Jeremy TaylorReflecting on a lot of different things as I prepared for my sermon tomorrow.  This bit from Jeremy Taylor likely won’t be in the sermon, but it jumped out at me nonetheless:

…we take pains to heap up things useful to our life, and get our deaths in the purchase; and the person is snatched away, and the goods remain.  And all this is the law and constitution of nature; it is a punishment to our sins, the unalterable event of providence, and the decree of heaven: the chains that confine us to this condition are strong as destiny, and immutable as the eternal laws of God.

I have conversed with some men who rejoiced in the death or calamity of others, and accounted it as a judgement upon them for being on the other side, and against them in the contention: but within the revolution of a few months, the same man met with a more uneasy and unhandsome death: which when I saw, I wept, and was afraid; for I knew that it must be so with all men; for we also shall die, and end our quarrels and contentions by passing to a final sentence. (Jeremy Taylor, Holy Dying)