Because we are not Jewish, I believe we have a hard time hearing how many of our doctrines and claims sound to the ears of those who have endured centuries of persecution at our hands. Antisemitism is not a liberal or conservative issue within Christianity.. it is subterranean across all segments of our tradition and we need to seek help in determining what doctrines and teachings contribute to this sin.

The role of the Jews in the crucifixion narrative isn’t a consciously evaluated part of a good deal of the Christian theology that I encountered during my time in Fresno. It came up periodically, and I would expect that my being a Jewish person made it more likely to come up in conversation than if I hadn’t been. However, one of the things that became apparent is that many Christians thought of this position as a sort of benign one. Historically, it isn’t. I pointed this out periodically in my interactions with various groups; the willingness to note the problematic nature was limited, at best.

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