Important to consider, and the last line heightens the legitimacy of the question Stanley Hauerwas asked some of the clergy at the National Cathedral about: why they didn’t refuse George W. Bush communion after the invasion of Iraq.

“Over and over we hear that U.S. allies believed that Iraq had WMDs. Well, sure, our CIA and British intelligence fed them misinformation, which they then repeated back to us—especially Eastern Europeans, who wanted to strengthen military relations with Washington. Even so, Germany, France, and the UN Security Council refused to support the war. There was also widespread opposition inside the U.S. military and by former U.N. inspectors, which was given little publicity by major conservative media. The big push for war came from neoconservatives and the Religious Right, evangelical fundamentalists who believed God wanted war to hurry up the second coming of Christ. Indeed, former French President Chirac wrote in his memoirs about the born-again George W. Bush telling him how God wanted war.”
Laptop bombardiers suppressed the truth about invading Iraq—but some on the right dared dissent.
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