Thank you for sharing David, I hope you don’t mind that I changed the format and wording around a bit to fit better with out Prayers of the People.

A Litany for mother’s day, adapted from Pastor David Hansen by Fr. Jody Howard.

This Mother’s Day, give thanks for loving women, who have given their children so many invaluable gifts.

For new mothers, welcoming new life into the world.

For those who choose their children; adoptive and foster parents, who model the adoptive love of God.

For too often overlooked stepmothers.

For aunts and godmothers and neighbors, and for those who, without biological children, share maternal love with the world.

Pray for those who have borne the unimaginable burden of burying a child, and those who have endured the silent grief of stillbirth or miscarriage.

Pray for those struggling with infertility, whose desire for children is met with frustration.

Pray for the mothers of children with special needs and chronic illness, who are too well acquainted with anxiety and exhaustion.

Pray for those given abuse and heartbreak where they should have received love and support.

Pray for mothers who have faced the difficult decision to offer their child for adoption.

We thank you Lord, and pray this mother’s day, for the ministry of mothers and all women who offer maternal love and care.


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