I know this is something parents struggle with. No one wants to create a situation that pushes someone–especially their own children–away from the church. That said, there’s also an important element of saying “This is important. If I expect you to maintain your commitment to [sport] or [school activity] then the faith is going to be a greater priority, and church attendance, as perhaps the most widely shared embodiment of it and element of formation, is going to demonstrate that.


“By this point in the sermon, I felt tears welling up in my eyes and spilling down my cheeks. I looked across the church and saw other adults wiping tears from their faces. I made Maya come to church because I want her to know that she can question and feel vulnerable and cry – and she doesn’t always have to do that all alone.”

In this age when the “spiritual but not religious” seem to have more relevance than churchgoers, it’s easy to wonder why church attendance matters at all. But I believe that we need common spaces,…

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