A good comment from Jordan Hylden. Jordan is a deacon, soon to be priest, of the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota. In addition to First Things, Jordan’s writings have appeared in the Living Church, and on TLC’s Covenant blog. He’s always worth reading. I say this to note that this is a critique from within, and not part of pile on by people who have nothing better to do than bash the Episcopal Church. This is a serious concern.

What happens in Curaçao doesn’t stay in Curaçao, at least if one is Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Last month, Katharine Jefferts Schori preached a routine Sunday sermon on the idyllic Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela that was so roundly criticized that it made it all the way into…

Read it all: Bishop Jefferts Schori’s Two Sermons: Curacao and Charleston | First Things

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