A friend on social media asked for suggestions for a Lenten playlist. The intent was, I think, for more traditional and spiritual music, but some folks shared popular music that they thought of as appropriately penitential or somehow related to the spirit of the season. With that in mind, I present my own Americana Lenten Playlist, chosen with an eye toward inspiring self-reflection, not necessarily theological accuracy or purity. I will probably do a separate list of overtly spiritual songs from popular artists–there may be some overlap.

Why 12? It just seemed better than 10:

  1. God’s Gonna Cut you Down, by Johnny Cash:
  1. No Hard Feelings, The Avett Brothers
  1. The Man Comes Around, By Johnny Cash (really more fitting for early Advent, but nevertheless):
  1. Firewater, Old Crow Medicine Show
  1. Hey Stranger, Mandolin Orange
  1. Tell the Truth, The Avett Brothers
  1. Watertown, Nathan Hamilton and No Deal
  1. I Hung My Head, Johnny Cash
  1. Hurt, Johnny Cash
  1. Ill with Want, The Avett Brothers
  1. Psalms of War, Ben Arthur
  1. Masters of War, Bob Dylan