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Interview with +Mark Lawrence of South Carolina

I very much appreciate Bishop Lawrence’s perspective, especially on these points:

  • Christians need to face our demons around marrital breakdown and sexuality (pornography, sexual abuse etc…)
  • Our struggle is a cultural one and there is no place that one can go to get away from it, since we are all part of the culture.  The Episcopal Church has just been on the front lines of a struggle coming to a church (or at least, neighborhood) near you
  • Finally, the fact that “the anger of man cannot work the righteousness of God.”(James 1:20) We need to let go of anger and vitriol if we hope to work for the good of the Kingdom.

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Thoughts from General Convention

One of my friends, Dr. Christopher Wells, was recently interviewed reguarding his views of the latest resolutions passed by General Convention. I believe he rightly states the predicament that those of us in Communion Partner dioceses find ourselves in. We are in a much better situation than many of our brothers and sisters who are Communion Partner rectors in non-communion partner dioceses, but we are still in the uncomfortable position of being a distinct minority within the scope of the Episcopal Church. My belief is that our position will only become more uncomfortable as time wears on, and that we may be called upon to make some significant choices in the not too distant future.

The video interview is below the fold:
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