Anna and I saved an old hymn board from the trash heap a while ago and I took some time to clean it up.  After some thinking about different ways of using it (is there a way to fit cork board on it, maybe we could use it to leave notes, lists etc…) I came up with the idea of finding some magnetic stainless steel (some of it’s not magnetic you know) and cutting it into strips the same size as the original letters and numbers that would’ve slid into the slots.  [Credit where credit is due: I *did* get the idea for a stainless steel magnetic board from a project Anna did with the youth at Trinity Winchester several years ago].

After hanging and leveling the board (which I did with one of these things), finding the right gauge of metal, getting some upright metal snips (like these, only with the red handle) that were sharp enough to cut it while being angled enough to keep the metal from cutting me, I measured out the sizes we’d need and went to work.   A little over an hour including regular talk and water breaks, and viola, we had a great place for the magnetic poetry that had been displaced by our new non-magnetic stainless-steel fridge when we moved into the house.

I’ve also found it’s a good way to get over writer’s block and it adds some fun to the office/library.  Take a closer look:

magnetic poetry on the hymn board

To add to the effect, here’s one of the songs I listened to as I worked.  David Olney’s Jerusalem Tomorrow.