Using the events at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London as a lens through which to view the conflict, Luke Bretherton over at Fulcrum (moderate Evangelicals in the C of E) brings into focus the battling anarchisms represented by the Occupiers and Bankers (or rather, some–maybe many of each)

If the Occupy movement bears the mantle of one form of anti-statist, anti-capitalist school of anarchism that stretches back to the anarcho-syndicalism of Proudhon and Sorel, many of the bankers seem driven by an alternative stream of anarchism, what Murray Rothbard, a student of Ludwig von Mises – the grandfather of neo-liberalism – called ‘anarcho-capitalism’.  This stream is equally anti-statist but pro-capitalist.  It is no less a millennial vision of the end of history than that embodied in the TAZ or witnessed in the worship at the Cathedral.  It sees the best of all possible worlds as an apolitical socio-economic realm that spontaneously organizes itself and provides material prosperity for all through the free decisions of individuals in the marketplace.  In this vision it is government and regulation that must be resisted and defeated if the new time and space when there will be prosperity for all is to be ushered in.

Read it all via Fulcrum: The Real Battle of St Paul’s Cathedral.