Well, CPE has come to an end. It ended last Friday actually, but it takes a while to come down from the experience. Unlike many people–some of whom have shared thier horror stories with me–I had a wonderful experience. My supervisor, James Pollard, was terrific. I’m glad I got to participate in this program under his direction. The fact that he encouraged us to pray with patients was very encouraging and demonstrative of the whole program. It was taxing but full of growth and learning. We were all allowed to be ourselves and see where that led us within the CPE framwork.

So now, its back to Sewanee to begin my *gasp* middler year. I can’t believe that my first year and summer have flown by so quickly. I’m ready to go back, though I wish I had more time at home without CPE to worry about. But such is life. I am looking forward to talking with my classmates about thier experiences and to begining classes. I’m signed up for two electives at the moment. I have been thinking of dropping on and just taking one elective in addition to the core–I need to work hard to get back into shape, and there are several personal projects I’d like to finish up. But, as always I am the kid in the candy store–its amazing I’m only signed up for two electives. At the moment I’m signed up for “Why did Christ Die,” a class about–you guessed it–theories of the atonement and for “Anglican Conflicts,” which will deal with a history of conflict in the Anglican church, concluding wtih the Eames report. I am going to switch from “Anglican Conflicts” to “Anglican Theologies of Ordination” on the advice of the instructor. I am considering dropping the atonement course–though if the prof. is agreeable, I may audit it. We’ll see. I have new golf clubs I want to break in!