Mourning Russians vow revenge – World – “‘The people who don’t want to fight say, ‘So many innocent lives will suffer if we take up arms,” Metsiyev continued. ‘Well, we’ve already suffered enough. It’s time to fight.’
Even as the first funeral processions began wending their way through the streets of Beslan yesterday, many Ossetians began openly talking of meting out revenge. They directed their anger at the organisers and abettors of terrorism in the volatile Caucasus region, and they said they were convinced they could no longer rely on local or Russian law enforcement for protection.
And, like many Russians, they singled out President Vladimir Putin for failing to shield the nation from terrorism and from the spillover of violence from the decadelong separatist conflict in the rebellious North Caucasus republic of Chechnya.
The siege on the school was one of three major terrorist attacks to strike Russia in the last two weeks. On August 24, bomb blasts aboard two Russian jetliners killed 90 people. Last week, a suicide bomber detonated explosives that killed eight people outside a busy Moscow subway station.
The hostage crisis began on Wednesday, when heavily armed terrorists seized the school on the first day of classes and threatened to blow up the building if Russian troops tried to storm the school. More than 1,000 people, at least half of them children, were held hostage for three days”