Southern Voice Online: “Gay bishop says schism won’t lead to Anglican split
Robinson tells Atlanta audience church should “prepare for reconciliation”

Friday, October 15, 2004

The U.S. Episcopal Church’s first openly gay bishop said the Anglican archbishop of Nigeria is committing “idolatry” for using sexual orientation as a tool to divide the church.
Bishop V. Gene Robinson made his comments during a stop last week in Atlanta to address an Episcopal gay-rights conference at All Saints Episcopal Church in Midtown. His Oct. 7 appearance came just 11 days before the expected release of a report from an Anglican Communion commission on a growing split in the church over gay issues and Robinson’s ordination”

The ability of revisionists to state something completely counterfactual and reverse of the true situation never ceases to amaze me. Robinson accusing Akinola of Idolatry? That’s amazing–he needs to reread Paul and revisit those things in his own life that amount to idolatry–the current situation of the Anglican Communion and ECUSA stand as a testament to the Idolatry of the Episcopal Church, with Robinson’s own pride and idolatry at the top of the pile.