Windsor Report Reactions

I’ve read most of the Windsor report and I’ve been keeping up with the reactions as much as possible. Reguarding the report itself, I have to say that I was pleased. I believe I had a more possative reaction than many conservatives because I never expected the report to be something it was not. This report is primarily about ecclesial structure and as such, it is unsurrprising that it directs attention toward the boundary crossing of the orthodox bishops, which, whether one approves or not, is something that simply must be dealt with. This report was intended to make recommendations about the future of our communion’s structure, how we handle disputes etc. .. it was never meant, because of its mandate, to provide a point by point refutation or a clear means of discipline, rather it was intended to lay a ecclesiological framework for the future decisions of the primates. The Primates meeting has always been the key to this situation, and the sooner they recognize and grasp thier own authority, the better. I believe they are preparing to do so based upon thier reactions (particularly Akinola’s) however, I don’t feel that Akinola’s negative response was very helpful–except perhaps as a bit of a pep talk to conservatives in the US. Actions are what is important and I hope and pray the primates will be clear and decisive. I feel that a possative reception of the report, along with a clear intent on the part of the orthodox primates to implement it and give it teeth would have been most helpful, but I still believe we are headed in that direction and that this report should be viewed as the first step toward an orthodox victory.