‘I see now, finally, justice for David’
December 9, 2004
The parents of a 17-year-old slain by Hamas terrorists in Israel were awarded $156 million Wednesday in what plaintiffs called a precedent-setting, historic victory for terrorism victims and a blow to U.S-based Islamic groups that fund terror overseas.
“I see now, finally, justice for David. David I’ll never see again, but justice I have,” said David’s mother, Joyce Boim, who wept after the verdict. “I hope to see more of these terrorist organizations put in their place and stopped.”
The 12-member jury that deliberated since Tuesday found the Quranic Literacy Institute of Oak Lawn liable for funding Hamas terrorists and awarded Stanley and Joyce Boim $52 million.
A statute requires U.S. District Judge Arlander Keys to triple the damages. Three other defendants — Texas-based charity Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, the Islamic Association for Palestine and alleged Hamas fund-raiser Muhammad Salah — will share in paying damages after Keys previously ruled they were liable.

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