I wanted to plug the Bruderhof communities. If I wasn’t an Anglican I think I’d be strongly tempted to join a community like this. In fact, I could see myself in a community like this as an Anglican–it has a strong draw for me–but perhaps thats just the naivete of youth.

This draw is probably why I like Stanley Hauerwas’ writings so much–he’s a Methodist (as my NT Prof. says, “a sort of Anglican”–and he does attend an Episcopal Church now) who’s drawn much from the mennonites. Maybe my interest in both comes from the same place. I’m just a sectarian at heart. :-p

Check them out, I check in frequently:

The Bruderhof is a network of faith-based communities that began in Europe in the aftermath of World War I and now has branches in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, England, Germany, and Australia.

Update: since this post was written, the Bruderhof have decided to stop updating their web sites etc… as being outside their vision for their community.