seal of the Diocese of Tennessee

The Diocesan convention was great for the future of the Diocese and for the faithful. We elected a great slate of candidates, and passed several resolutions. One granted parishes the the ability to redirect the portion of the apportionment that would would go to the National Church to other ministries approved by the Diocese. Additionally, convention voted to affirm the Windsor Report and support Bishop Herlong’s signing of the so-called “minority statement” issued after the House of Bishop’s meeting. A final resolution to join the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes surrvived an attempt to ajourn and was tabled with the understanding that a comittee would be appointed to study the Network and provide further information to uninformed congregations and laypeople before the issue is revisited next convention. Obviously events might over-take such a process, but I consider it a victory none-the-less.

This was my first Diocesan Convention (in general and as someone canonically resident in TN) and there were some great moments that I will give more detail about later. I am dead tired though–having only slept about 3 hrs last night–and I need to leave early in the morning to begin my field education at Holy Cross Church in Murfreesboro TN.
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