Prayers for the Candidates, 1552 BCP:

O Mercyfull God, graunt that the olde Adam in these childryn maye be so buried, that the newe man maye be raysed up in them. AMEN

Graunt that al carnall affeccions maye dye in them, and that all things belonginge to the spirite may lyue and growe in them. AMEN

Graunt that they maye haue power and strength to have victorie and to triumphe agaynste the deuyll, the world, and the fleshe. AMEN

Graunt that whosoeuer is here dedicated to thee by our office and ministrie, may also be endued with heauenly vertues, and euerlastingly rewarded throughe thy mercye, o blessed Lord God, who doest lyue and gouerne al thinges worlde without ende. AMEN