We beseech Thee, O Lord, purify Thy family, and cleanse it from all contagion of wickedness; that the vessels which have been redeemed by their Lord’s Passion may never again be stained by the unclean spirit, but may be posessed by everlasting salvation; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN

Almighty and everlasting Father, you sent your Son Jesus Christ to be the great High Priest, the eternal and perfect sacrifice of our confession; to cleanse us by His blood, uphold us by His mercy and guide us by His example. We humbly pray that, as you did not forget Israel in the times of her transgression and forgetfulness, you would remember us in the times of our folly, forgetfulness and error. Strengthen each of us Lord, so that we may have the fortitude to conform our wills with your will, our hearts with your heart, our loves with your love. Have mercy Lord, have mercy on a rebellious and broken church, and on this day of our most Holy Lord’s passion, cleanse our thoughts and minds by His blessed sacrifice. Remember not our rebellion, but Christ’s obedience, not our infidelities but Christ’s fidelity, not our hatreds but Christ’s love. And, at the last day, bring us with all your Saints into the perfection of your Kingdom, where you will dwell with us and we with you, in perfect unity, knowing and being known in truth and in the Spirit. AMEN

Now playing: [Psalm 39 ‘ I Said I Will Take Heed to My Ways,’ Anglican Chant, Setting By C. Hylton-Stewart~George Guest, John Scott & St. John’s College Choir, Cambridge~The World of Psalms~5:08]