Interesting observations:

“[Note] the impressive number of dissociations to which the ultra-liberal ideology leads: . . .

–[the dissociation] between conjugality and parenthood;

–[the dissociation] between parenthood and kinship, the first being defined by the exercise of an ensemble of functions, the second, as a status that confers place in a genealogy;

–[the dissociation] between parent and progenitor/progenitrix, the second referring only to what is called the biological, generally in order to reduce it in importance;

–[the dissociation] between the sexual and the sexed, i.e. between sexuality and the difference of the sexes; . . .

–[the dissociation] between sexuality and fecundity, or, if preferred, between the sexual and the parental, between sexuality and filiation.

Éric Dubreuil even pleads for a dissociation of the notion of parenthood from that of the couple (303).

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