All these years and I thought a blessing from God was dependent upon God, not me–how thoughtful of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice to set me strait. They’ve produced some clear guidelines for determinining when a Child is a blessing and when–for lack of a better term–it is a “choice,” of course, choice in these contexts is always used in the negative sense of “I choose to abort.” But hooray for clarity.

If You’re Pregnant…

There is no doubt that a welcomed, loved child is a gift from God and a blessing to a joyful family. Yet, not every pregnancy is welcomed. Women and their families who are dealing with unwelcome or problem pregnancies often have religious, spiritual, and theological questions. If you are pregnant or think you are facing an unintended pregnancy and have spiritual concerns you want to address as you consider your options, please consider reading the following:

{Read all their wonderful advice to pregnant women}

I will say that I’m thankful they include sources for adoption on this page, but it saddens my heart to hear Christians say things like the statement above. I suppose life has no objective value, only ascribed value–I guess that works in a modern capitalist society. This sort of thinking is chillingly reminiscent of things that liberal Protestants have said in the past. Read this book for a discussion of it:

“Preaching Eugenics : Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement ” (Christine Rosen)