Sometimes I wish I couldn’t believe the stupid things people say–but this little nugget takes the proverbial cake. Check out what Bishop John Paterson, the head of the Anglican Consultative Council, that completely unrepresentative body dominated by western liberals and their money representative body that organizes the agenda for meetings at the international level in the Anglican Communion said recently:

“The primates decided on an action against two churches who are members of a body (ACC) mandated by the constitution to be consultative. How can it be consultative if two important churches are not able to take part?” He added that among ACC members “there’s a feeling that perhaps we shouldn’t allow the primates to meet alone ever again.” His remark drew laughter from CoGS members.”

This is crazy. Number one, it sounds like whining–“Daddy, they didn’t do what we wanted, let’s not let them meet together ever again… WAAAAHHHHHHH….”–number two, it’s just completely stupid, does he think that the Primates can’t read.

[note: possibly due to the “distraction” of my general ordination exams, I neglected to post the URL to this article, so here it is.]