Mere Anglicanism is done and it was a positive experience. The discussion of the Anglican Covenant by Stephen Noll and the perspective given by Os Guinness’ lecture was very helpful and is, I think, a good starting point for discussion of what form a covenant should take. There is no doubt that the proposal should be in final revision stages before Lambeth so that we can appropriately seek to sway the direction of the meeting and prevent any stalling tactics that attempt to further a head-in-the-sand business as usual attitude.

There were some negatives about the conference however, which I hope will be addressed in any future incarnations. The organization was pretty poor compared with other conferences I’ve been too–granted, Mere Anglicanism was running on a tight budget, but some improvement could definitely be made. Additionally, the connection groups weren’t that helpful (though I did meet some interesting people). It might be more helpful if seminarians were included with the clergy rather than the laity since it could help us network with other orthodox clergy–an important thing for those of us who are are seminaries that some believe to be questionable.